Hotels ★★★★Hotel «London»

Hotel "London" is located in the center of Odessa on the street Uspenskaya 95 , at the place where the historic and business center of the city came together . Mirror repeating the style and architecture of the main , second facade facing the picturesque park area .

Surprisingly, the building of this hotel in Odessa is in no way violated the harmony of ancient monuments and modern office buildings located in close proximity .

The unique location of the hotel allows guests to enjoy the silence of the park area , forgetting about the bustle of the city , and, if necessary , within two minutes to get to downtown Odessa .

The hotel "London" , towering over the surrounding urban landscape , involuntarily recalls the palaces of kings UK - St. James Palace and Hampton Court . The facade of this amazing hotels in Odessa , made in the British style , complemented by a replica of the clock tower of St. Vintez (the famous Big Ben ) - London voices and legitimate pride of any Briton .

Odessa hotels can surprise even experienced connoisseurs of impeccable style and comfort , and the best proof - the hotel "London" , at the main entrance which you kindly greeted by a doorman dressed in the form of a beefeater - Guardsman guarding the Tower of London .