Live history of inanimate things

May 11, 2016 г.

12 May at 15:00 in the gallery "Yellow Giants" (st. Sophia, 5a) will host an exhibition of paintings by Olga Razinkina - "Living History inanimate things."

People create things of old, habitually do not notice them, using them on a daily basis. Only the discerning eye of the artist opened their secret essence, but with him they enter into a silent dialogue, eloquently describing the habits and tastes, lifestyles, achieving extraordinary excellence in the transfer of the variety of the material world of objects.

The exhibition will feature more than 30 works performed at different times. Engineering still-life performance artist is selected depending on the task. The author believes that every object around us keeps the prints of our emotions, expectations, feelings, everyone - is aging and broken, as we are. Olga Still Life is more than just an image of things, the disclosure of internal capacity of subjects and stories about their hidden life.

The exhibition will be held 12 May -June 19 2016.