XX century. An exhibition from the museum’s funds

July 14, 2017 г.

July 17 at 16:00 Odessa citizens and guests are invited to the Museum of Western and Oriental Art (Pushkinskaya street), where the opening of a large-scale project of the "XX Century" will take place. An exhibition from the museum's funds. The exhibition will last from July 17 to August 23 daily (except Wednesday) from 10:30-18:00.

More than 100 works of painting and drawing, sculpture, arts and crafts will be exhibited in three halls. The works of 50 masters from 20 countries were selected by experts from the museum's funds and set the task to demonstrate the mutual influence of the cultures of different countries in the process of the birth of works of art of the twentieth century. You can see the works of such masters as:

• Rockwell Kent (USA)

• Herluf Bidstrup (Denmark)

• Victor Vasarely (Hungary-France)

• Pablo Picasso (ceramics) (Spain-France)

• Enrico Archioni (Italy)

• Jian-Shilun (China-Russia)

• Luis Ortega (Spain)

• Yuri Gorbachev (Ukraine-America)

• Antonio Sario (Mexico)

The entrance to the exhibition on the opening day is free.