Exhibitions of paintings by Tatiana Romanova - "Secret Wisdom"

February 24, 2016 г.

On 4th of March at 15:00 in the exhibition halls of the Odessa Art Museum will host an exhibition of Honored Artist of Ukraine Tatiana Romanova.

Tatiana Romanova was born in the city of Uzhgorod. She studied at the Uzhgorod Art School, then at the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. Her whole life is permeated by creativity. With exhibitions of his works have traveled almost the whole of Europe. Her paintings are in many museums and private collections.

On account of its many blogodarnostey by indifferent spectators and admirers of her talent. Among them thanks from Queen Elizabeth II for the painting, which is now in Buckingham Palace. Thanks from the Cardinal of France for the painting «Quand Paris dort ...» (or «Des fleurs pour la France»), which was exhibited in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris and which is now in the Municipality of Paris, to which the artist has written a special poem on French language.