Paintings and graphics exhibition «Under the sails of inspiration»

January 3, 2017 г.

From the 30th of December 2016 to the 9th of January 2017 at the City Art Gallery will be presented an exhibition "Under the sails of inspiration." 

In the central part of the exhibition are works of young Kharkiv artist Ksenia Logvinenko. Also in the exhibition participate Odessa artists - Nikolai Reznichenko, Igor Kravets and Elena Dmitrovich. 

The exhibition presents 25 paintings and graphic works in the genres of landscape and still life. Authors who took part in the exhibition work in different techniques and see the world differently, but they all share the emotional perception and expression. 

City Gallery invites you to be get acquainted with works of Odessa artists who are happy to share their talent and inspiration with the audience.

Admission is free. 

Address: Odessa, Uspenskaya str. 4b