Aik Hovakimyan Painting Exhibition

October 13, 2016 г.

On the 15th of October at 16:00, painting exhibition of Aik Hovakimyan will open.

"AKIM" – alias: composed of parts of name with words. "AI" in Japanese means "love", "Kim" in Korean is "movement". The artist's name is Aik Hovakimyan.

He is 25 years old. Lives in three countries: Armenia – Russia – Ukraine, and Odessa became his favourite city. In addition to painting, Aik Hovakimyan studied the skill of stylist and continues to improve himself in this art and so successfully that he had entered into the five of the best stylists of Ukraine, having to work on the image of Olga Sumskaya, Tina Karol, Ani Lorak. In Odessa he opened his own salon.

As a painter, Aik Hovakimyan got at home, in Yerevan, the nickname of "the Armenian Munch," and we should point, that admires the Edward Munch's works infinitely. And also – Kandinsky and Malevich.

Expressionism – is a movement in visual art, which implies the principle: "I do not write what I see, but what I know about the visible". Explosive and emotional compositions of Aika Hovakimian are spontaneous and unpredictable, in many ways they are the fruit of a momentary mood.

Aik Hovakimyan became a member of the National Union of artists of Armenia in 2014. He studied painting from the honored artist of Ukraine, Professor Alexander Sahakyan and the member of Union of artists Vladimir Lysikov in Kiev branch of the St. Catherine Academy of the arts (Germany).

Works are kept in the Budapest Museum of painting and in the art gallery in Frankfurt-am-Main.

"Akim" calls himself a citizen of the world. Made a trip to India and Nepal, has exhibited his work in Centre of N. Roerich in Delhi. Became interested in Buddhism and spirituality: in Moscow, managed to make friends with the famous Juna – Eugenia Davitashvili, who was fond of painting.

The exhibition runs until 1 November.