Exhibition of Svetlana Divnaya

August 10, 2016 г. 11 August, at 15:00, in the exhibition hall of the Odessa Municipal Museum of Private Collections them. AV Bleschunov (Polish, 19) will open the exhibition of decorative panels Svetlana Divnaya.

Svetlana Divnaya childhood in love with the sky. His magical image of Alexander Rowe kinoskazki "Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka. The Night Before Christmas "on the novel by Nikolai Gogol captivated her. Since then, it has always fascinated by the splendor of this - sky, studded with stars, adorned with the sun, or month. As a journalist, Svetlana opened a long time for himself as the author of sky scenes on astronomy and astronautics. And in 2013 he came to the subject on the other hand, through painting. Svetlana works in the technique of "puantelizma", complementing the various elements of decorative painting.

The exhibition "Find your sky" - the first in the career of the artist-amateurs Svetlana Divnaya. The exhibition will feature approximately 30 works created in the period from 2013 to 2016. His paintings Svetlana tries to create a special mood in the audience, reminds him of heaven pradavnem previously fills people's lives and helps them to see themselves as part of the grand universe. His works of the author gave the name "PraNeboArt".

Svetlana Wondrous about the work: "Today, especially in cities where many artificial light sources, people have lost the habit to watch the sky. They do not pay attention to the stars and forget for earthly cares about his cosmic origin and destination. Every soul stores important information about the person, written by starlight. Once people know about it, remembered and passed down from generation to generation. But each successive copy of becoming paler, weaker. His creativity, I seek to awaken the memory. Create using a simple and unpretentious set of points, lines, characters, color combinations peculiar password, code, cipher, that each person has his own. And when you look at this or that work, if the person laid down about the same code, a kind of learning can occur. The viewer soon realizes it feels. If the code matches - a miracle happens, the ancient knowledge of the person starts to be released, manifested from the invisible into the visible. Perhaps this is just a game. But suddenly, to include in it, the viewer finds his Heaven ... "

About the Author: Svetlana Divnaya was born and lives in Odessa. Educated at the Kiev State University named after Taras Shevchenko at the Faculty of Philosophy, Department of "Philosophy". Eighteen years working as a journalist in Odessa State TV and Radio Company (now the Odessa branch of the National Television Company of Ukraine). Over the years, she opened herself to heaven in a variety of aspects - popular science and popular astronomy, cosmogony theory of archetypes sky, poetic space. On television, Svetlana became the author of numerous news stories on the theme of astronomy and astronautics, it has aired more than 20 editions of its transmission "astronomical journey". We saw the light about 130 weekly editions of the author's program "open scope", dedicated to astronomical discoveries and space missions. And in 2013, the year Svetlana decided to approach the understanding of Heaven with a new theme for yourself hand - through their own artistic creativity. Without special education and skill in painting, she found a compromise solution, and stood on the spot technique, subsequently expanding it other elements of decorative painting.

Exhibition of paintings by Svetlana Wondrous "Find Its Heaven" will work in the exhibition hall of the Odessa Municipal Museum until 25 August 2016.