Exhibition of works by artist N. Vylkun

January 4, 2017 г.

On the 27th of December 2016 at 14:00 in the World-wide club of Odessites (Marazlievskaya street, 7) opened the exhibition of Nikolay Mitrofanovich Vylkun.

As an art Director Nicholay Vylkun has mounted about 250 performances in the theaters of Odessa and other cities, managed creation of the scenography at dozens of arts festivals. He is a constant participant of more than 100 major national and international art exhibitions in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Russia, Romania, Poland, Finland, Yugoslavia, Japan and other countries. The author of more than 15 solo exhibitions. For 40 years he teaches at the Odessa College of Theatre and Art.

Nikolay Mitrofanovich works in the genre of drawing, painting, theatrical art and posters. Works of this author are presented in museums of Odessa, Kiev, Moscow, Tula, Finland, Japan and in private collections. The artist's high reputation is recognised in the international folds, figures of culture, entering the leadership of the youth art festivals in Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and Bulgaria. And the most recent confirmation of his election in 2011 to the Board of the creative community, "Gloria" (Germany-Italy-France-Israel-USA-Russia-Ukraine).

The Club present his collection of theatrical poster of 60 - 80-ies. 

The exhibition will run until the 26th of January. Admission is free.