The exhibition presents Odessa artists

November 17, 2014 г.

November 19 at 15:00 at the Odessa Art Museum (st. Sophia 5-A) will open the exhibition presents Odessa artists to the 115th anniversary of the museum.

In commemoration of the 115th anniversary of the Odessa Art Museum Odessa many wonderful artists brought to the museum of his works to supplement and enrich his collection. Among the generous donors V. Marinyuk - Honored Artist of Ukraine, S. Useem, V. Basanets - Honored Artist of Ukraine, V. Stovbur, Gorbenko People's Artist of Ukraine, A. Knyazik - Honored Artist of Ukraine, S. Paprocki, I. Vareshkin, Kovalenko, V. Kabachenko, Y. Silberberg, N. Prokopenko - honored Artist of Ukraine, VI Terekhov and others. As a gift received paintings, drawings, sculpture, arts and crafts. About 50 works will be immediately shown in the exhibition "Odessa artists Odessa Art Museum - to the 115th anniversary of" even before they enter the museum collection. It is difficult to overestimate the sweeping gesture representatives of the creative elite of Odessa, as for many years the museum's collection is not replenished at the expense of public procurement. Sure that the work, as well as the names of artists, donors, the museum will keep for many centuries, as well as the names of the great Odessa artists 18-20 centuries, whose works are the glory and pride of the rich artistic tradition of our city.