The Odessa exhibition of artist V. Basantsa

July 22, 2016 г.

Nt-Art Gallery opens a new solo exhibition by Valery Basantsa year cycle of the creative association "Mother". The exposition will be presented painting, graphics and sculpture.

Valery Basanets participant 3 biennale "Impreza" (Grand Prix at the biennale "Impreza - 89"). Since 2009, Honored Artist of Ukraine. Member of "apartment exhibitions" and unofficial 1979 exhibition "Contemporary Art from Ukraine" (Munich-London-Paris - New York).

This poet of exquisite images, drowning in a beautiful haze. His work is teetering on the thin side figurative and non-figurative, symbolic similitude existing between the realities of the world or only symbols. They seemed born from the misty veil, which is perceived as a symbolic sign of the reality of another dimension.

The exhibition runs until 08.21.16

Opening of the exhibition on July 22 at 18:00