«Odessa tapestry» exhibition

December 2, 2016 г.

In the Odessa Art Museum runs the exhibition "Odessa tapestry".

The intrigue of this exhibition is that, it would seem, is not traditional in our region this kind of work, like a tapestry or weaving. 

Certain individuals, due to the former rare state orders for tapestries, their vibrant creativity has made the attractive filament material, which did not serve market needs so much, but rather acted as a new solid material for creative implementation.

9 authors: Ludmila Bogaychuk, Zinaida Borisyuk, Elena Ilchenko, Tatiana Ishchenko, Diana Kmit, Alexander Kovacs (Kherson), Veronica Mont, Anna Nosenko, Esther Serpionova introduce viewers to some extent polar model shapings.

The exhibition runs until 11 December 2016.