Exhibition «Odessa in the square»

August 28, 2017 г.

Watercolor Society of Odessa presents an exhibition to the City Day - "Odessa in the square".

August 28, 2017 at 16:00 in the Bleshchunov Municipal Museum of Personal Collections (19 Polskaya street) will open an exhibition of watercolor works "Odessa in the square", timed to the City Day. Svetlana Mikhalevich, Tatyana Mikhova, Andrey Kulikov and Igor Letinsky will represent their works.

At the exhibition, you can see more than 50 works with views of Odessa's streets, architecture and, of course, the sea. The exposition promises to be extremely saturated. The authors captured the beauty of their beloved city at all seasons and in various conditions: a real gift for connoisseurs of watercolor painting for the birthday of Odessa.

And the main surprise for the guests of the exhibition is a pilot project: a huge watercolor canvas measuring 120 cm by 120 cm, created jointly by all four authors.

Watercolor of this scale requires a high level of skill: you have to take into account technical difficulties, the impossibility of corrections, the need to use non-standard size brushes and other subtleties. The sketch was developed and selected together, by voting, together they purchased necessary materials. In the process of trial and error, 15 meters of watercolor paper was used up, until the final product, which included magic and metaphysics of watercolor painting, was born.

In this project four energies, four authors, each of which has its own bright, individual style and approach to work, joined together. As a result of an amazing interaction, a holistic, harmonious work was obtained.

Within the framework of the exhibition there will be a meeting-presentation of the project (29.08), as well as master classes and a joint plein air.

Come and see what they got, at the Bleshchunov Municipal Museum of Private Collections. The exhibition will last from August 28 to September 15. The ticket office is open from 10.30 to 17.30, the opening day is free. Wednesday is a day off.