Exhibition «Micro. Macro. World»

July 3, 2017 г.

June 29, 2017 in the Odessa Municipal Museum of Personal Collections of A.V. Bleshchunov opened a joint exhibition of a young artist Alina Besbabnaya and amateur photographer Natalia Apratova "Micro. Macro. World". The exhibition is dedicated to the beauty of the surrounding world, fixed in the graphics and photographs.

Two authors, two radically different views to the world, two creative ways and two points of view:

• Macroworld. Alina Besbabnaya will share her opinion with the position of a person in the urban environment. She will present an original graphics with ink - 12 compositions and studies of architecture and urban citizens.

• Microworld. It will be presented in photographs by Natalia Apratova. Her point of view is the position of a small child, for which even one small plant is a whole universe, exciting and colorful, with its laws and inhabitants.

So whether these two contrasting spaces are really different is a question to which viewers will find their answer.

The exhibition will run until July 11, 2017.