Exhibition of Mikhail Reva «Odessa Decameron»

November 17, 2017 г.    On November 13, the Invogue gallery will present a solo exhibition of Mikhail Reva, who created illustrations for the eponymous book by Georgy Golubenko. In his drawings, as in the writer's works, real Odessa breathes - cheerful and sad, ironic and lyrical.
   Writer and playwright Georgy Golubenko, the custodian and continuer of the great cultural traditions of Odessa, creator of the image of the Red City, developed and multiplied the unfading literary glory of this city in his work. He said: "Let us love this wonderful city, built of red stone, bathing in a dazzling red sun. This red city, giving people humor, and therefore, hope and optimism.
   "Within the framework of the exhibition there will be readings of works from the book that will be performed by Odessa actors, among them: Oleg Shkolnik, Oleg Filimonov, Georgy Deliev, Boris Barsky, Igor Kneller, Valery Hayit and Karina Shragina-Katz.
   On December 15, Friday, an auction of Mikhail Reva's drawings will be held for George Golubenko's book "Odessa Decameron". Funds received from sales will go to support the family of George Golubenko and the Reva Foundation for the development of projects in the field of art and culture.
  The exhibition runs from November 13 to December 16 every day, from 11.00 to 20.00.Address: gallery Invogue, st. Ekaterininskaya 25.