Exhibition of "The Da Vinci Inventions"

July 6, 2016 г. From 27 May in Shopping center "Kadorr".
The largest international exhibition of "The Da Vinci Inventions", devoted to the work of the greatest genius in the history of mankind.

All the exhibits are designed by Italian craftsmen in strict accordance with the manuscripts of Leonardo da Vinci with the use of technology and materials of the Renaissance.

In the halls of the exhibition includes: tank, scuba, aircraft, bicycle, boat, ideal city, and many other inventions in which the scope of work of Leonardo disclosed in 9 different fields: physics, mechanics, civil and military engineering, hydraulics, anatomy, aviation, the art of the Renaissance, scientific research.

Exhibits a life-size explain the theory and purpose of each invention of Leonardo da Vinci.

The exhibition offers an affordable, understandable and tangible embodiment of the works of Leonardo da Vinci - one of the most inquiring minds of mankind. It also presented a copy of the most important codes of Leonardo and notes on anatomy.

Exhibition "Inventions of da Vinci" will be equally interesting to all - from small to large. This interactive exhibition an unforgettable experience for the whole family.