Exhibition - interview "Comments"

July 18, 2016 г. 19 July - 7 August Odessa Municipal Museum of Private Collections named AV Bleschunov will open the exhibition interview Irina Gusyuk "Comments".

According to the artist, the "Comments" is a research, during which Irina, as an artist, maintained communication with the audience, placing works online and making changes to the painting, if the opinion of the author and the audience is the same. The exhibition will include 20 paintings, written in different periody.Rezultaty experiment, which was conducted by Irina Gusyuk to identify public opinion influence the process of creating the paintings and will be presented at the exhibition. Curator - Tatiana Margarita Xu.

About the artist:
Irina Gusyuk was born in the city of Vladimir-Volyn in 1980. He graduated from Odessa Art School. MB Grekov in 2001 and the graphic arts faculty of South Ukrainian State Pedagogical Universitythem. KD Ushinskogo in 2005. Since 2007 works as a teacher of the Odessa Art College. MB Grekova.Irina - author and organizer of a number of projects (Ukrainian tour with the double exhibition "My Love" (together with Valentin Zakharchenko), a series of eleven exhibitions with students Grekovki). On account of the artist's participation in different projects, both personal and shared, where the artist presented the painting and graphics. Irina Gusyuk - the winner of the All-Ukrainian competition "Picturesque Ukraïna" (. 2004-2008) teacher, not only in Grekovke, but also in life, Irina Zakharchenko said Valentine.The exhibition "Comments" Irina Gusyukbudet work in the exhibition hall of the Odessa Municipal Museum until August 7, 2016. As part of the exhibition will be a series of master classes for all comers.