Exhibition of Deaf Artists

October 6, 2017 г.

   On October 6 at 4 pm in the Odessa Municipal Museum of Personal Collections named after A.V. Bleschunova an unusual exhibition will be opened  - an exhibition of a group of deaf artists, under the supervision of its head, Yuri Tyamushkin.
   The first all-Ukrainian exhibition of painting of deaf artists took place almost 20 years ago, in 1998, in Lviv. Since then, artist's work expositions are regularly held in Ukraine and abroad, in Odessa it will be

the third time.
   At the exhibition in Odessa you can see the canvases of Yury Tyumushkin, Yarina Menko, Oksana Frolova, Larisa Rostotskaya and Eduard Trofimov. Each of them has its own style, its own picturesque worldview. The common feature is professionalism and high level of work: all participants graduated from art schools and universities in Lviv, Odessa, and Lutsk.
   The exhibition will last until October 29, tickets at the ticket office of the museum (open on the opening day).
   The work time is from 10.30 to 17.30, the day off is Wednesday.
   Address: 19 Polskaya Street.
   Come and touch the amazing art of artists, for whom the language of lines and colors is the main not only in creativity, but also in life.