Violet of Montmartre

September 14, 2016 г.

September 16, 18:30 in the Musical Comedy will take place on the operetta The Violet of Montmartre.Operetta in 2 acts Libretto: Julius Brammer and Alfred Grunwald Russian text: S. Bolotin, Sikorskaya T., I. Tumanov, Yaron

It is a fascinating story of the life of Parisian bohemia. Three talented young man living in a small loft in Montmartre and dream to create masterpieces. They work without good cheer from obscurity and poverty, and in the end, good luck to them smiling. Dreams come true. Important role in the personal and creative life of young people is played by two women - prudent beauty and Ninon young saleswoman Violet - Violet, around which all conflicts and twisted plot intrigue ...