Vienna Strauss Orchestra

December 6, 2016 г.

"Winter's Vienna tale" is a new concert programme of the orchestra. Always and everywhere resounding success accompanies the orchestra, at the Odessa academic Opera and ballet theatre one of your favorite musicians will be for the third time.

Conductor Peter Guth explains the love of Ukrainian listeners to Strauss Orchestra of their special relationship to Strauss and abiding love for the operetta.

The concert programme is unusual and refined, it will feature works by Johann Strauss, his father and brothers, his successor as Director of the Imperial ball Charles Michel Cirera and the last king of the waltz – Robert Stolz. With him Peter Guth was personally acquainted, and most recently in St. Petersburg conducted his operetta "Spring parade". 

Enchantingly magical "Winter's Vienna tale" is performed by the Vienna Strauss Orchestra — on the 6th of December at 19:00 in the Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. Give yourself the pleasure of meeting one of the most prominent orchestras of Europe!