Emil Gilels's 100th anniversary in Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre

October 17, 2016 г.

  The 100th anniversary of the Emil Gilels birth  will be celebrated in the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre. On the 19th of October at 18:30 starts the concert "Odessa — to the favorite son."

In the concert will participate winners of the international piano competition in memory of Emil Gilels: Aleksey Kanke, Diana Galtsova (Ukraine), Hidaka Shino (Japan), lion Terskov (France) Zhibek Kozhakhmetova (Kazakhstan), as well as the national presidential orchestra of Ukraine under the artistic direction of Anatoly Ground, conductor - Dmitry Sitkovetsky.

Emil Gilels was one of the greatest pianists of the twentieth century, he also was a music teacher. Among his pupils the most famous are: Marina Mdivani, Valery Afanassiev, Igor Zhukov and Felix Gottlieb.

On the 2nd of September, 2016 to the Day of the City the name of Emil Gilels, the eminent Odessa, who had glorified the city, was immortalised on the Avenue of Stars.