The destroyer of the Italian Navy called Odessa port

September 5, 2017 г.

On September 4, 2017, the destroyer of the Italian Navy "Luigi Durand de la Penne" arrived in Odessa. The ship left Taranto on August 11, made a stop in Piraeus, and after leaving Odessa on the morning of September 7 will go to Varna (Bulgaria) and Aksazu (Turkey). The ship will return to Italy at the end of September.

The entry into the water area of ​​the Odessa port is the planned stop of the destroyer on the route of the training practice of second-year cadets of the Italian Navy Academy.

In order to deepen cooperation and dialogue that exist between the two countries, during the stop, there are activities, including cultural ones, that will allow cadets to get acquainted with the rich history of Odessa, inextricably linked with the sea.

An Italian military ship will be moored to berth No. 15 and during the stop will be open to visitors on the following schedule:

Tuesday, September 5 - from 15:00 to 17:00.

Wednesday, September 6 - from 15:00 to 17:00.