A new kind of tourist service successfully operates in Odessa - ODESSACARD

July 21, 2017 г.

Many of us have been in a situation when traveling by car or just arriving to a new unfamiliar city, we are trying to see all the most interesting and famous places for a short period time, and, of course, enjoy local cuisine, have a good rest in a cozy hotel or fashionable hostel,and just have fun, have something to remember and tell your family. So-called CityCard (guest or tourist card)  can help to plan your trip. Such cards are available in many tourist centers of the world and help to save money. Since 2016, there is a similar cadr for tourist Odessa. The ODESSACARD project is being implemented by Ukrsitikard jointly with the Odessa City Council within the framework of the Tourism Development Program in Odessa for 2016-2020, with the support of the Odessa Regional State Administration and the Odessa Regional Council.


ODESSACARD is a unique tourist product that represents a single electronic card for guests and residents of the region and is an analogue of tourist programs successfully operating in New York, Rome, Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, Prague and many other tourist centres of the world.

This is a so-called smart card that allows residents of Odessa and tourists to visit sights without buying individual tickets. It is quite convenient to use, and also saves time for visiting tourist sites and moving around the city. Currently, 2 types of ODESSACARD are available for purchase for one and two persons, with a validity period of 24, 48 or 72 hours after activation as a single ticket.

For our country it is a new unique tourist service, using innovative technologies and opportunities of modern software. Such a service is not yet available in any of the cities of Ukraine, including the capital. It is pleasant for Odessa citizens to realize that their native city was the first to introduce such experience in the tourism industry.


Today ODESSACARD has in its programme more than 80 proposals, which most fully give an idea of ​​the history, culture and tourist palette of Odessa. Visiting 18 attractions for the cardholder does not require payment during the period of its validity. By the rules accepted in the whole world such objects are designated in the programme as "FREE with ODESSACARD". They include all municipal museums in Odessa (10 museums), the N.L. Shustov Cognac Museum, excursions to the historical center of Odessa and the catacombs of Moldavanka, Odessa Zoo, Dolphinarium "Nemo", Biopark, sea walk, as well as tasting the masterpieces of Odessa cuisine. You can choose one of three ODESSACARD options (24-hour, 48-hour or 3-day) and plan a visit to the most interesting (or all) objects depending on your interests and at a convenient pace.

Certainly, guests of Odessa will be impressed by the historical centre of South Palmyra, seeing the Primorsky Boulevard and Deribasovskaya street, the world's famous Opera house and Potemkin Stairs with the recently opened Istanbul Park, Cathedral, Catherine, Dumskaya and Theatre Square, unique Palais Royal, Passage, City Garden, Colonnade, the palaces of Count Vorontsov and Tolstoy, the monuments to Duke de Richelieu, Pushkin, Utesov, Anchor Heart and even 12th chair and much more. At the same time they are absolutely not tired, moving on an electric vehicle, accompanied by a professional guide.

To supplement your knowledge of the history of Odessa, you can see the expositions of the museum "Stepova Ukraine" and the Museum-memorial of the heroic defense of Odessa, as well as the Akkermanskaya fortress. And how not to visit the famous Odessa catacombs, find out their riddles and secrets by visiting the tour in the catacombs of Moldavanka with a visit the museum "Secrets of underground Odessa"! You can also see with your own eyes the brilliant works of art presented in the Art Museum, museums of Western and Oriental art and Bleschunov Museum of Private collections. You can learn the history and uniqueness of the Odessa literature life in the Literature Museum and its branches - Pushkin Museum and K. G. Paustovsky Museum.

Children, yes, certainly for adults, will be given many pleasant moments of dolphin and fur seal show at the "Nemo" Dolphinarium, the study of the richness of the animal world in the Odessa Zoo and the Biopark opened in 2016.

And, of course, as in the maritime city, you can also take a boat trip on the comfortable motor ship Valencia or the catamaran Hadzhibey, and taste Odessa dishes in the colorful Odessa museum restaurant Sonkina Malina.

In general, the impressions with ODESSACARD will last for a long time, not only for the city guests, but also for the people from Odessa, to whom they came. Especially since with ODESSACARD you can also save money by getting discounts in restaurants, cafes, bars and entertainment venues, in the aquapark "Odessa", for the best excursion tours around Odessa, including Opera, Bessarabia and the Black Sea, tasting the Collection of cognacs in the Shustov Museum, souvenirs, books, beach services, quest rooms, and much more. And if you can visit the wonderful attractions of the Aquapark "Odessa" with ODESSACARD, having received a 50% discount once, then all other discount offers can be used repeatedly throughout the year. And there are more than fifty of them, including about twenty offers for accommodation at a discount in hotels and hostels in Odessa, Gribovka, Carolino-Bugaz, Zatoka and Koblevo, which makes ODESSACARD even more attractive when planning a holiday in Odessa, if not this year, so in the next.


Buying ODESSACARD it is necessary to know that the realization of the opportunity to visit the sights with a free entrance, marked as "FREE with ODESSACARD", as well as the Aquapark "Odessa", does not begin immediately after the purchase, but from the moment of the first electronic scan of the card on any of these objects. The card can be activated within 12 months from the date of purchase, i.e., by purchasing any of the ODESSACARD variants, you can plan its use at any convenient time during the year.

To obtain the right to visit partner institutions, it is necessary to present ODESSACARD to the responsible employee at the place (cashier or controller) for its account by a special electronic reader.

Discount offers can be used right after the purchase of the card and used repeatedly (except the Aquapark) both before, during, and after the end of the validity period of ODESSACARD as a pass to the objects with FREE with ODESSACARD.

Each ODESSACARD is provided with a detailed guidebook with a map-scheme of Odessa, which will help you to plan your trip and freely navigate in the city.


Of course, ODESSACARD will be useful first of all to tourists who visit Odessa both for the purpose of rest and in terms of business tourism. It will allow its owners to plan their trip and rest, make their stay in Odessa diverse and interesting, saving time and money.

Of course, ODESSACARD will be useful for Odessa citizens who host numerous guests and relatives both in summer and throughout the year. Having presented them the ODESSACARD, you can not worry that because of the daily employment, there is no time to show them our beloved Odessa-mama. And in the evening, learn about their impressions, having supped with a pleasant discount in one of the institutions-partners ODESSACARD.

No doubt ODESSACARD will appeal to Odessa citizens who are simply in love with their city, are ready to learn it more and more deeply, like a diverse cultural and active holiday. Let us ask ourselves, for example: have we been in our museums for a long time, do we know the history of many architectural masterpieces of Odessa and people who created them?


ODESSACARD can be purchased online by paying with a bank card, followed by the exchange of an electronic voucher with the code directly to the electronic card itself and a guidebook at one of the exchange points. You can also buy ODESSACARD at one of the sale points: at the Tourist Information Centre, at all UKRTICKET box offices and points of sale of ECAR excursions (excursions on electric cars), at the Odessa Book shop, and at the offices of travel agencies "Plaske Travel" , "OdEN tour", "Vilkovo-Tour" and "Arcadia Travel". In the near future ODESSACARD will be available for purchase in many hotels in Odessa.

Current information about the ODESSACARD project is available on the official website -