In Odessa will host a festival of organ music «Odessa Music Fest»

March 19, 2015 г.

20 - March 22, 2015 in Odessa will be the International Organ Festival «Odessa Music Fest».

Musicians from Japan, Georgia, France and Ukraine will introduce students to the modern sound body in various forms - from classical to jazz and rock, accompanied by vocal symphony orchestra and wind instruments.

For the first time in Odessa will include works by Japanese composers performed by world celebrities, Japanese organist Hiroko Inoue, who will perform with orchestra «Chamber Harmony», combining the best of Odessa musicians under the direction of Igor Znatokova.

The festival program will feature well-known European artists.

March 20, 18.30, Opera House

The opening of the festival.

March 21, 18.30, organ hall Reformed Church

Pierre Zevort - body (France) and Miriam Tatarashvili - soprano (Georgia);

Bernard Struber, Serge Hessler - organ, trumpet (France).

March 22, 18.30, organ hall Reformed Church

Elena Vishnevskaya - mezzo-soprano Elena Richter - soprano (Ukraine).

President of the festival Dionysus Doudkin: "We are creating an event that brings positive emotions. Our festival has grown from the first in the modern history of Odessa Organ Festival, conducted in 2005 in the Reformed Church. It was the first attempt at writing for a small circle of connoisseurs. Now it is a large-scale all-Ukrainian project. We present organ music, an interesting modern wide audience of listeners."