Ukrainian stars sing in Odessa after Kvitki Tsisyk

March 19, 2015 г.

April 4, 2015 in Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater Ukrainian-American Coordinating Council, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine for the first time will present the Ukrainian-American cultural project "Nezabutnya Kvіtka" dedicated to the memory of the American singer of Ukrainian origin Kvitki Tsisyk. The singer is known for its significant contribution to the popularization of Ukrainian culture in the world. In memory of Kvitka Tsisyk in the United States established a fund to support musically gifted children.

In all the years of the project "Nezabutnya Kvіtka" and he started in 2007 in New York, by popular demand Odessites this year it will be held in the southern pearl of Ukraine, at the famous Odessa Opera House birthday Kvitki Tsisyk (4/4/1954 - 03.28.1998).

This concert soberet in Odessa Ukrainian Star: Jamal, Oleg Skrypka, Oksana Fly - obladatelnytsu Grand Prix competition pervogo mezhdunarodnogo Ukrainian romance behalf Tickets Tsysыk, Paul Tabakov, Vytalyya Kozlowski, sweet Nytych and others. Also at the concert will be attended kanadskaya pevytsa Ukrainian origin Stefanyya (Calgary) and director yspolnytelnыy the Ukrainian-American Andrew Lastovetskyy Coordination Board (New York).

For the first time from the treasury of the Ukrainian culture - Lviv Musical Memorial Museum Krushelnytska - will be presented to the audience personal belongings Kvitki Tsisyk transmitted family of the singer in 2011.

Traditionally, each activity of the project "Nezabutnya Kvіtka" is not only a cultural and educational, and above all - charity, so part of the proceeds from ticket sales will be given to the prevention and treatment of breast cancer among women Odesa region.