Theater of Shades Teulis

March 7, 2016 г. On 8 of March, at 19:00, at the Odessa Ukrainian Theater named. V. Vasilka.

Theatre of Shadows Teulis - a world famous shadow theater, which has been recognized in many European countries and other continents. Staging theater TEULIS- an original combination of high-class acrobatics, theater, optical illusions, great sound and stunning video projections.

The Art Theatre is the age of a few thousand years, but in the last decade, the genre is experiencing a revival and an unprecedented upgrade. Shadow play is amazingly simple in theory, and he was subject to the conversion of miracles. One has only to visit the actor behind a translucent screen as the audience begins to animation: dark figures grow from each other, are transformed, changed in size.

Theatre of Shadows Teulis proves that imagination can be replicated on using shadows of the human body. You will plunge into a fascinating show and breathtaking choreography, which can easily captivate your heart ... Over the past 4 years TEULIS Theatre of Shadows was a finalist for the biggest talent show in Italy, Turkey, Russia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He has toured in Finland, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic and Turkey. More recently, the theater returned from Japan, where 35 thousand spectators standing accompanied artists.