Taki da, delicious. The fuss.

February 17, 2016 г. On 20-21 of  February from 11:00 to 19:00 at the Seaport.

Zone "Did so delicious. The cheese-pine forest" is located in a convenient space dedicated concert and exhibition hall. In the rest of the hall will be held the festival program "Winter, ciao!".

Food courts "Did so, delicious" - it is a platform on which Odessa cafes, restaurants, chefs and confectioners, as well as suppliers of food will present and sell their products to the numerous visitors who come to get acquainted with the range of offers Odessa cafes, restaurants and gastronomic market. "Did so, delicious" includes a pleasure, entertainment and educational programs.

It is a holiday for all the family, within which operates non-stop area of ​​children's games and entertainment. For adults - a concert program on the stage, and much more. During warmer months, the festival is held in the open air, in the cold - in a comfortable private rooms. Festival "Did so, delicious" runs every time with a new thematic culinary emphasis.

At this time, such a mandatory emphasis in the festival menu, each participant will be cheese. Cheese, on the one hand, the product of self-contained, and on the other hand - as the indispensable ingredient in haute cuisine, and in the fast-food. Cheese can transform almost any dish, and variants of its use in cooking - a great variety.

Restaurateurs, participating in the festival will offer specialties and original dishes / products with cheese / cheese, acquaint visitors with their eye on the combination of different types of cheese with other foods and beverages. Also invited to participate, in particular, Ukrainian producers of artisan cheeses; suppliers of imported cheeses.

For visitors to provide a large number of seats. Work-site parking and a wardrobe. Admission to the festival "Winter, ciao!" and "Did so, delicious fuss is about." - single, and it means that everyone who comes in these days in the concert and exhibition complex Seaport, is tasty, interesting and fun.

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