Taki da, delicious. Summer season

May 10, 2016 г. Festival "Taki da, delicious. Summer season" - will be held in Odessa, 14 and 15 May. Everything, as in the country - an abundance of delicious and fresh food, summer tea, caressing sun and dense shadow, spiritual gatherings with friends, open space for children to play, in a word - joy of life. Odessa cooks prepare a great festival menu with culinary novelties and, of course, your favorite dishes.

The festival program includes:
- Gastronomic shows and master classes
- "Children's clearing": a non-stop program of entertainment
- The concert program on the festival stage- Dancing, music, outdoor games
- Every day, from 17.00 to 18.00
- "Holiday Tea Party" Territory of the festival is made in the style of a great and fun Odessa garden. Prepare scenery for photo zone. For rest and meal will be a lot of garden furniture - tables and coffee tables, chairs, benches, hammocks and even vintage cottages bed.
Working hours of the festival - 11: 00-20: 00
The entrance fee - 40 UAH.
For children under 12 years free entrance.

Venue: Odessa Film Studio