February 3, 2016 г. February 6-7 at the Odessa citizens have a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with the history of jazz music and choreography, and the basics of swing dancing. Among them fun lindy hop, bubbling with energy boogie-woogie and rock and roll, incendiary Charleston dance in a series of free workshops during the festival DROSD 2016, which will be held a dance studio "Wings". Swing dancing - these are the dance that dance to the music of jazz, blues and rock 'n' roll. Dancing on which America was going crazy in the late 1920-1940-ies and are now popular all over the world.

For the citizens of Odessa will conduct lessons Odessa dance teachers and two invited guests: Larissa Glikina (Kiev) and Milko Kralski (Bulgaria). In the evening after classes take place grandiose dance parties where the atmosphere and the excellent jazz dance drive support "Dixieland Municipal Theatre Brass Music", also known as Vinnytsia shout-swing band "The HYPNOTUNEZ". Pre-registration is not required, you should have a change of shoes (sneakers, sneakers)


February 6
14: 10-15: 10 * free * ALEXANDER Rhythm body
15: 20-16: 20 presentation video "Swing Dance curious"
16: 30-17: 30 * free * ALEXANDER Solo fun
17: 40-18: 40 * free * MILKO Boogie

February 7
14: 20-15: 20 * free * ZHENYA Lindy Hop
15: 30-16: 30 * free * ALEXANDER Charleston
16: 40-17: 40 * free * MILKO Club Rock and Roll