Stylish Doll 2015

November 23, 2015 г.

On 4-7 of December 2015 from 10:00 to 20:00 in the Odessa sea station will feature unique works of masters from all over Ukraine, Moldova, the Czech Republic and Poland. The incredible exposure, where each toy has its own history.

Main sections:

• Dolls and soft toys made by hand;

• Collection and antique dolls;

• People doll motanki, charms;

• Teddy bears;

• Miniature;

• Tilda;

• Knitted and felted toys;

• Decoupage;

• Jewelry Hand-made;

• Materials and accessories.

The main objective of the project - to enable the puppet masters who create small masterpieces toy exchange new ideas, techniques, and to present their creations to the public, who will appreciate the versatility and all their radiance. We are sure that every visitor will find a job intended for him. The exhibition will be possible to order a doll on his own sketch, learn how to create toys with their own hands, to master the technique of "decoupage" and more.

In addition, all the young visitors at the stand of the children's show program "Little Country" offers bright presentation: presentation of favorite cartoon characters, Laboratory Wonderland Fixico, Face-Art, Shaw soap miracles, educational games, workshops and drawing of the original prizes and exciting toys.

The organizing committee did not forget about the children who need support and care - charity programs, drawing contests, good and fair Art-therapy. Today, more than once, people need to share their warm, positive emotions, a radiant smile and a couple of days go back to the good fairy tale.

Venue: Concert and exhibition hall of Odessa sea port