SovaPicnic: Gathering Harvest

October 15, 2016 г.

October 15-16, 2016

Hospitable Brodsky mansion, today it is the Sanatorium named after Gorkiy, represents harvest shopping, emotions, inspiration, songs and recipes!

On the festival from 11:00 to 20:00:

— Farmer's market — a variety of traditional harvest: vegetables and fruits, cheese, honey, baking, jam and other conservation products;

— Themed Food-court "Lunch in the garden" — in the best traditions of autumn dinners in the last warm days;

— Warm Market — clothing, footwear, accessories, decor, books — all for warm and cozy autumn;

— Kids Village is a world of small farmers, farm and courtyard gardening with the whole family to plant their first tree and to weed the garden, feed animals and collect the most beautiful autumn bouquet for mother.

— Creative workshops — autumn inspires for new skills and creative discoveries, developing botanical watercolor, study autumn images, draw vegetables, and create decorations for cozy home.

— The sounds of autumn — harvest songs and melodies in the music scene SovaPicnic!

Inquiries by phone: 073-10-10-200;

Entrance fee: 60 UAH, preschool children — free of charge.