Resonance: white tour

December 18, 2015 г.

On 20 of December, 19:00 at Musical Comedy will take place the concert of the musical group "Resonance".

Group"Resonance", although formally a part of the Chamber Symphony Orchestra, and often considered a number of Modern rock bands, in fact, is neither one nor the other.The repertoire of the group - it's not just rock music. This work, which has long been part of the golden fund of humanity, music, created by the most talented people on the planet.The program of the concert offers a new look at the essence of the song. Discarding patterns, the listener gets to the heart of the work - exactly what the composer originally invested in it.And the glow of brilliant rock music becomes more open and professional approach of the musicians, the richness of violins, fine violas, charm cellos, power bass, and rock 'n' roll freedom drums make it rich and colorful, including through elaborated arrangements of especially for chamber Group Symphony Orchestra "resonance".