Celebration of the New Year 2017 in Odessa

December 28, 2016 г.

Celebration of the New year and Christmas holidays in Odessa, the official start of which was given on December 19, 2016 with the opening of the main Christmas tree at Dumskaya square, will run until January 19, 2017. 

New year holidays are mainly focused on the organization of fun and exciting leisure activities for children not only in the Central part of the city. 

On the 30 December and 8 January on the Starosennaya square will be held a colourful festival of illuminated trams. 

Traditionally,  inhabitants of Odessa will be able to celebrate New year's eve hold on Dumskaya square where will be organized the festive programme with performances of popular Odessa and Ukrainian artists, DG-parade and fireworks. 

On the 1st of January young Odessites will be able to celebrate New year on Dumskaya square, where will be held funny holiday near the main Christmas tree of the city. 

On the 2nd of January on the place of the permanent fair on Deribasovskaya street will be held the Festival of mulled wine. 

On the 3-8 of January, in the City Garden during the Christmas Festival, will be held Christmas evenings with the performances of creative collectives. All participants can see the Nativity scene. 

On the 8th of January on Deribasovskaya street and Dumskaya square will be the celebration of a Choral Christmas Festival. 

A large number of celebrations, starting from December 19, take place near the Christmas trees at all parts of the city.