Pumpkin Fest

October 24, 2016 г.

In Odessa Park of Victory on the 29th and 30th of October from 11.00 to 20.00 all citizens of Odessa are invited to the "Pumpkin Fest".

"We learn about the holiday which, for many centuries, has had many names and peculiarities of its celebration in different countries and nationalities. We delve into the traditions of the ancient Slavs and will introduce new customs. Pumpkin is a symbol of the harvest, the sun, good energy and life, rebirth. It is a tribute to ancestors and honoring traditions.

Pumpkin is very much related to traditions and customs. pumpkin is brought  in the culinary field: it is boiled, roasted, dried and baked, jams and soups are also made from pumpkin – it is diverse and delicious. And it turns into a carriage, it is used for making lanterns, tableware, works of art. Pumpkin appears in fairy tales and proverbs, in parables and pictures.