Photoproject futuristic archeology Da Sung Lee

April 15, 2016 г. 16-22 April, from 15:00 to 23:59
Photo project "Futuristic Archaeology" author Yes Sung Lee (South Korea) will be displayed in the Rotunda of City Garden on Deribasovskaya 16-22 April 2016. "Nomadic life was the basis of the traditional culture of Mongolia for centuries. Even taking into account the changes brought about urbanization in recent years, 35% of Mongolia's population continues to adhere to the nomadic way of life of the ancestors and their survival still depends on the vast expanses of their native land. It is becoming increasingly difficult - a traditional way of life under threat because of the major changes of the earth ecological state ".
"With this project I want to convey the feeling that the life of these nomads passed between the real and virtual spaces of the museum. Perhaps in the future life of nomadic Mongolians will exist only in the museum, "- says the author.Free admission.