First Odessa Cafe-cat

May 6, 2016 г.

Visitors are offered not only coffee, but also chat with these kotikami.Neformalnaya atmosphere felt around, but above all it creates the animals themselves.

The most frequent visitors to places - is of course the children. Therefore, the place exactly like those kids whose parents can not have pets. However, owners tell us that adults often come to spend time with tailed. So do not take a trip to the institution as a pure children's entertainment.

It is worth noting that all visitors are free to use the camera.

Restaurant can be divided into two parts. The first is a small shop with a variety of things on the cat theme - paintings, hand soap, clothing, utensils, and numerous works of Hand Made. In the second part of "Koteyni" is itself a cafe, where you will take the animals. In front of you will put on shoe covers the feet.

We can say with confidence that this is a real kingdom for pets - cat around solid rides, toys, houses and places for sharpening claws. Particularly striking hanging shelves on which they periodically run.

For people who are transparent tables with stylish white chairs. There are comfortable sofas and a TV. The walls are painted in green and yellow colors, which hang pictures with cat portraits and informative information about the animals.

It is noteworthy that there are quite a few places. This is due to the fact that for the cats available another room where they eat and go to the toilet.

In general, we can say that the situation home and comfortable.

Currently, the institution is home to 14 cats of different breeds and cross-breeds: Bengal cat, munchkin, Russian blue, Egyptian and others. All of them have passports, immunizations and affectionate nature.Animals were in the cafe of the shelters with the help of volunteers. Interestingly, already two cats from places found their hosts visitors. So if you enjoy some of the animals, you can pick it up yourself.