Opening of the art project Alexey Bogatyrev

November 21, 2014 г.

21 November at 16:00 in gallery "Yellow giants" (st. Sophia, 5A) will open an art project Alexey Bogatyrev (video art, paintings, drawings, collages, poetry, music).

Alexey Bogatyrev was born in Odessa January 21, 1962 In 1989 he graduated from the Pedagogical Institute. KD Ushinskogo. He studied fine arts at the most prominent masters of avant-garde painting Odessa 70-80-ies: Valentines Eugene Khrushchev and Rachmaninoff. Personal exhibition (with E. Rachmanin) Odesse- in 1995 at the Center for Rehabilitation of Disabled Children "Golden Angel" In 1997, together with E. Rachmanin there. In the same 1997 - exhibition at the opening of the exhibition hall branch of the Union of Artists of Ukraine, in Odessa. In 1998, he took part in the International exhibition in the gallery "Tierce." Poet, musician, painter and photographer. Deals with problems of synthesis of different types of art and Eastern philosophy. 

Born, you will enter

In theater, everything in it

Slaves assigned role.

Essence of the play -

Strive for pleasure

And suffer.

And this is inevitable

Adscititious will.

When you understand that these roles

It's not you, you will

Drink of His love.

   A. Bogatyrev