Open lecture Andrei Makarevich "On Beauty"

August 17, 2016 г.

The most awaited of all open lectures at the Green Theatre. Musician, diver, cook, writer, public figure, and you will not believe - a certified architect and artist Andrei Makarevich and inexhaustible appeal to the subject's relentless - to Beauty.

What is the Golden Ratio? As the information revolution has influenced the perception of art? Is it possible to teach the child to distinguish beauty from ugliness? As Andrey Makarevich little accustomed to the beautiful, and why he eventually became a musician, not an architect?

On this and many other Andrei V. tell by looking at the world through the prism of different kinds of art and of the creative experience. After the lecture, Makarevich answer all questions of the guests of the Green Theatre.

18 August at 20:00 in the Green Theater.