Odessa Art Museum celebrates its 117th birthday

November 4, 2016 г.

On the 5th of November Odessa citizens are invited to get acquainted with the history of the Art Museum.

117 years ago through the efforts of members of the Odessa society of fine arts, City Council, sponsors and the caring citizens of Odessa had opened the Municipal Museum of fine arts, now - the Odessa Art Museum.

For acquaintance visitors with the history of the Museum, its staff has prepared several projects. On court of spectators will be presented media projects "Odessa Museum of fine arts – history in photos" and "Odessa art gallery – the middle of the twentieth century."

Unconditional interest will be found in the film and photographic archives and carefully prepared to show the unique newsreel of the early 1940's - late 1950-ies that shows the views of the city, with the Museum and its visitors, with the artistic life of Odessa. Footage of the seven subjects will be in contact with the works of such masters as K. Lomykin, Gazinski A., E. Muchnik, N. Shelyuto, F. Falchuk etc., to see classes of school of art, the halls of the Museum, immerse yourself in the creative atmosphere of the workshops. Perhaps some visitors will be able to see on the screen themselves or their relatives.

In the courtyard of the Museum is a retrospective of the posters of the exhibitions held here recent years. 

Beginning on 5 November at 13:00.