Odessa art College named after M. Grekov will present an exhibition dedicated to K. Kostandi

November 17, 2016 г.

On the 24th of November, 2016, at 16.00 at the Odessa branch of the Hellenic Foundation for culture in the framework of the "Open project: "The little-known K. Kostandi (15.10.1852 – 31.10.1921), his disciples and followers" will take place an opening of the exhibition of works of the Odessa Art College named after M. Grekov teachers.

Exhibition of teachers' works of Odessa Art College named after M. Grekov dedicated to the 165th anniversary since the birth of K. Kostandi and is the second in the "Open project". There will be presented: paintings, graphics, decorative arts and sculptures. 

Most of the exhibited works are works of teachers of the Painting Department. During its existence, the Painting Department has brought up a generation of artists who glorified the history of art not only in Ukraine but throughout the world. In Odessa for over a hundred years there is a continuous tradition of academic and plein-air painting, which is a base of modern masters. Teachers at the Odessa Art College named after M. Grekov continue and develop it

The exhibition also presents works of teachers from different faculties: "Decorating environment", "Decoration", as well as the "Sculpture Department". 

In particular, the exhibition presents the work of teachers: Boris Belov, Leonid Vandenko, Alla Vorokhta, Valeria Gary, Elena Plavenchuk, Svetlana Egorova, Lydia Laseraway, Alexander Logvin, Boris Lukin, Nikolay Lukin, Natalia Maximova (a pseudonym), Natalia Martynyuk, Volodymyr Polnoprotochnogo, Irina Putejko, Victor Komenuka.

  • K. Kostandi

    K. Kostandi