Odessa Tourist Festival

April 13, 2016 г.

Odessa Tourist Festival - a large-scale urban event dedicated to all types of tourism.

In 2016 Odessa tourist festival will be held April 16 in the open air in the historic heart of the city - in the City Garden.

For visitors Odessa tourist festival - it is a quick and high-quality choice of forms of recreation, getting acquainted with new trends and current trends in tourism, participation in sweepstakes prizes. All this - thanks to the concentration of many proposals on the same site.

For tour operators, travel agencies and other stakeholders of the tourism market of Odessa tourist festival - it's an idea to a mass audience of his proposals in the following areas:

• Inbound, outbound tourism

• Domestic tourism

• Event-related tourism and business tourism. MICE segment

• Cultural and educational tourism (museums, galleries, theaters)

• Educational tourism

• Recreation, health, sports and leisure (resorts, spas, saunas, sports clubs, tourism-related)

• Cycling

• Extreme tourism

• Aquatics Recreation

• Family and children's tourism

• Wine and gastronomic tourism

• Green tourism, ecology

• Transportation (air, rail, car)

• Hunting and fishing

Highlights in 2016:

- Trends in the global tourism industry - Odessa - southern tourist capital of Ukraine: all kinds of recreation - Ukraine: developing domestic tourism

The festival program includes:

• Presentation of new tourist destinations and tour routes

• Presentations urban excursion routes

• Presentation of the "Club of Odessa Ambassador"

• Drawings of vouchers and prizes from the festival participants

• Music and entertainment programs

We create all conditions for fruitful work of the participants, for a useful and interesting pastime of visitors. In 2016 Odessa tourist festival takes place in the framework of the International Tourism Week in Odessa, organizers of the event: Odessa City Council, the exhibition company "Expo-Yug-Service" Association "Odessa Tourism", public organization "Regional Development Agency".