Odessa Master-Shef

July 20, 2014 г.

On July 20, 2014  Sunday gastronomic festival "Odessa master chef" was held. Shefs of the restaurants  "Compot", "Clara-Bara ", '"Trattoria Soldi ", "Franzol", "Garden City", Lviv Workroom of  Chocolate, "Zara Pizzara," "Jardin", "Zlachne" and Museum of chocolate demonstrated their culinary art.
Festival guests were able to learn the recipe and try compotes, swell, eggplant caviar, creamy soup "Alfredo" with seafood, forshmak, kebab, sausages, grilled chicken, chocolates, pizza, mussels, marinated and spiced corn on the grill.
Also on this day Ukrainian mega-meeting of "Zaporozhets", took place on Deribasovskaya str. The funs of these cars  presented 46 models
Furthermore, in the City park photo exhibition "Cinema in Odessa" was held. In the alleys of the park 1000 photographs were exhibited. These photos were made at various photo shoots, ever held in Odessa for the last 50 years.