Odessites and guests ofthe city are invited to the Art Exhibition of A. Freidin

November 21, 2016 г.

On the 22th of November, 2016 at 14:00 in the exhibition hall of Odessa Municipal Museum of private collections named after A. V. bleshunov (Polskaya street, 19) will open the exhibition of works by Alexander B. Freidin (from the collection of collector Sergei Kostin).

Alexander B. Freidin is an artist with a complex creative life and a true innovator. He was looking for fresh ideas, created methods, invented styles, experimented with ways of expression and artistic means. In his works the world transformed, he created generalized images, missing details, and was convincing. He versed in the art well and has never borrowed. The wide recognition for Alexander Freidin came only after his death. Creative heritage of the artist are scattered in private collections, many works Freidin was exported abroad.

The exhibition "the Ideal in everyday life" is a tribute to the artist in the year of defenestrate. The exhibition will feature drawings and paintings made by Alexander Borisovich in the genre of portrait and landscape.

Alexander Freidin's exhibition will run until 15th of December 2016.