To Odessans will be shown the best works of young Ukrainian directors

January 18, 2016 г.

On 22 and 23 of January in Inotheater of Odessa Film Studio will be showing short films of young Ukrainian filmmakers.
According to the organizing committee, everyone will be able to watch the best short films, the award-winning film festival 2015, which will be presented in the fourth edition of the project "Ukrainian New Wave."
Films participating four selections:
"Say" Corn! "15 '(Dir. Valery Kalchenko);
'Swan' 4 '(dir. Alexander Danilenko);
"Let us not today," 19 "(dir. Kristina Sivolap);
"Attraction" 8 '(dir. Oleg pedals);
"Cello" 23 '(dir. Morgunets-Olesya Isaenko);
"Who Framed Kim's cousin?" 26 '(dir. Antonio Lukic);
"Yin and what to do with" 29 "(dir. Miroslav Khoroshun).
Duration cinema - 2 hours 4 minutes.
Also on January 28 it will hire the best documentary film festival "Sundance 2015" - "Russian Woodpecker" directed by Chad Gracia (US / UK / Ukraine / 2014), which is dedicated to the tragic events in Chernobyl.