Odessa in sketches

June 29, 2016 г. 1 July, at 16:00, in the exhibition hall of the House Bleschunov (Polish, 19) will be presented the exhibition "Odessa in sketches." This is the first exhibition project group Urban Sketchers Odessa, creating sketches and sketches from life of the beloved city.

The project will bring together more than twenty Sketcher, including artists from Kiev, who came "to draw Odessa". The exhibition will feature three dozen sketches and watercolors, as well as works from ceramics Odessa themes made by artists and students of the studio potter.

Urban Sketchers Odessa - part of an international group of Urban Sketchers. Worldwide, a nonprofit organization that brings people together, depicting the places where they live or travel. Sketcher paint from nature, indoors or outdoors and directly depict what they see. Use a variety of materials, respect the individual style of each participant, support each other and share their work online, showing the world picture of the pattern.

Sketch - light sketch in which captured the mood, impression image. A sort of modern Impressionism, only faster and more conditional. Sketching is now a trend, and already stood out as an independent art form. there are authors who are engaged exclusively in sketches, organize exhibitions, publish albums to their works, conduct master classes Among Sketcher artists. And there are people for whom it is a hobby, inspirational, a pastime, a way to relax and switch.

Quick drawings, often deliberately negligent and naive, with a simple story like your own breakfast, a neighbor's house or some unpretentious little things like opposed supertehnichnym works created using various computer programs. We are all available to fix the phone camera at any moment, to process the application and publish to social networks. Drawing the sketch - like a reminder that no matter how perfect was not a technique, but a man can see, seize the moment, be impressed, enjoy and create an image with individual style. This is creativity. Modern technologies are only a means of communication and publication.