Odessa Smart Forum

April 9, 2015 г.

C April 29 to May 1 at the Art Pavilion named aftrer Vera Holodnaya held Odessa Smart Forum, which brings together the largest scientific conference in Odessa Universities in a modern and interesting format.

During the event, you can visit:

-  Bright opening of the forum at the Art Center  named aftrer Vera Holodnaya, where the participants of the forum will perform several speakers with motivational speeches, about why today's youth and their scientific work is really important.

- Workshops, during which you can gain additional knowledge on the management of conflicts of interest, the basics of public speaking, internship opportunities for young scientists abroad.

- Science Slam. The new international format includes stand-up shows, scientific conferences and competitions. Five young scientists come together on the stage of art-club to ten minutes, a fascinating and accessible to tell the audience about his scientific achievements. Determine the winner among slemerov applause.

- Informal party at the end of the first day