Odessa - Batumi Photo Days 3-10 april

April 1, 2015 г.

Odessa // Batumi Photo Days - photo project, the festival, which takes place in two countries - Ukraine and Georgia, two twin cities around the Black Sea - Odessa and Batumi. These cities are linked not only by sea, but also the history of building and the concept of the development of these cities.

The idea of the Festival Odessa // Batumi Photo Days matured as the need to educate a wide range of public, which consumes vast amounts of information on a daily basis in terms of information warfare, and the lack of professional training in the field of photography, and especially its modern trends in Ukraine.

The theme of the first festival aims to draw public attention to the issue of perception of photography as a visual media in the media, in close connection with everyday life. The only team that includes artists and curators from Georgia and Ukraine, have developed a concept and plan for the development of the project. Odessa // Batumi Photo Days- is the first such project, which will be held in the two countries.

Festival Odessa // Batumi Photo Days is divided into two parts, the implementation of which will take place throughout the year in the two countries:

1 April 2015 - Odessa, Ukraine - the first phase of the festival, which focuses on the educational program.

2. September 2015 - Batumi, Georgia - the visual part. A number of international photographic exhibitions related to the theme of the first steps in Ukraine.

Тема фестиваля - История и Манипуляция - изучение как визуальное изображение может создавать проекцию новой интерпретации исторических событий.