Німі ночі: Femme mute

July 4, 2016 г.

8-10 July 2016 held the 7th international festival of silent movies and modern music "Silent Night" on the dock of the yacht club of Odessa Sea Commercial Port. The festival is held by the National Center of Alexander Dovzhenko, with the support of the State Agency of Ukraine for Film Affairs and the Odessa City Council.

The festival will present the audience silent films Ukraine, China, the United States, Britain, Germany and other countries. Films will be presented by musicians from Ukraine, Belarus and Mexico.

The first day of the Festival dedicated to party "Dumb nights" all the past years, the legendary Odessa pianist and composer Yury Kuznetsov, whom Odessa farewell in May 2016.

The program of the Festival two world repremery Ukrainian films that were considered lost. There will also be submitted to the National Center renovated Alexander Dovzhenko film Peter Chardynin "Taras shake" - the most expensive film project era, found only in 1998 in France. The film will announce Odessa duo pianist and percussionist Andrew Show Jacob Taruntsova.

Avant-garde experiment Mikhail Kaufman "unprecedented campaign", which tells the story of collectivization (industrialization) a Ukrainian village in 2015, was rediscovered by the new music written by the composer Anton Baibakov. Muse DW Griffith Lillian Gish ascend to the screen in the American film "The Wind" (1928), Swedish director Victor Shёstrёma in the future - the role of the artist Professor Isak Borg in "Strawberry glade" Ingmar Bergman (1957). The film will announce Kiev Quartet New Music «Supremus» n / Dmitry Radzetskogo.

A masterpiece of Chinese psychological film "The Goddess" (1934), inspired by the European social drama of 1920, announce the Belarusian accordionist Yagor Zabel, a triumphant speech at the "silent nights" in 2014. British silent films will be presented to the classic psychological thriller Anthony Asquith "Cottage on Dartmoor" (1929). The film incorporates avant-garde experiments with installation, detective story and drama truly Hitchcockian proportions. The tape on electronic percussion announce the Mexican duo of «La Escalera».

From the movie "Back Door" (1921) decided to count the German kinoekpressionizma. The gloomy imagery of the film vividly shaded suggestive acting job Henny Porten, the great actress of early German cinema. This film is a dedication to long-term member and mascot of the festival Yuri Kuznetsov. The tape will announce Julia Zaporozhets, a pupil of the cult pianist of Odessa, in the project «Julinoza Music».