Unusual butterfly in the botanical garden

June 7, 2016 г. In Odessa Botanical garden there was a design bench in the form of a butterfly.

In the Botanical Garden (Fr. Boulevard 48/50), the first bench "Bench" project came under the old oak secular social portal "Your Town". The back of the bench is made in the form of a huge butterfly. Base steel benches and lining of water-resistant plywood. Initiator of the project Anatoly Kavun sure this is not just a bench, and now a permanent place for visitors to the Botanical Garden photo.

The bench gave the newlyweds-sponsors Vadim Rogowski and Alina Doroshenko, as is now evidenced by the inscription on the seat. It is planned to install a few benches in the Botanical Garden, and then the action will continue in the city with other patrons already. In return, they will get their names forever recorded on the bench.