On the Avenue of Stars in Odessa immortalized the new names of famous citizens of Odessa

September 8, 2015 г.

On 2nd of September 2015, the day of celebration of the Day of the city on the Avenue of Stars in Odessa have new names. Stars immortalized five world renowned citizens of Odessa, which this year marks the anniversaries of the birth:

Edward Bagritsky - 120 years;

Sviatoslav Richter - 100 years;

Vladimir Jabotinsky - 135 years;

Sasha Black - 135 years;

Leonid Cliffs - 120 years.

In honor of each open on behalf of the Avenue of Stars in the sky soared gold star.

At the ceremony were awarded diplomas of the relatives of the famous Odessa citizens whose names are imprinted on the Avenue of Stars in 2014. Also diploma was presented at the opening of his niece Leonid Utesov - Maya valiantly.