МоторРолла & Spirit Z1

January 13, 2016 г. On 21 of January, 2016 at 21:00 in the Shkaf (Grecheskaya str., 32) Motorrolla and SpiritZ again on the stage of art-club.
Motorrolla - rock band from the city of Khmelnitsky, which bombards the stage of Ukraine has more than 20 years.
MR started with rockabilly hard-core, but they brought a very popular time of zero, which confirmed the group in a number of meters Ukrainian alternative rock with the album "... sho is not clear to whom?" (2005) and "Color dreams" (2008).
Today the band perform up all your favorite hits ("8 Color", "Do not call ..." "To you my dear"), as well as new songs included on the album in 2015 "Two steps to the Spring" (the picture is You, the Soul, Firebird).
In general, the last album MP appealed to his garazhnorokovogo roots. Therefore it will be hard and fast!
A wonderful surprise will be that will open the concert headliners Art Club "Wardrobe", the legendary SpiritZ !!! The group will perform with a new acoustic program.